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Heritage Sunday

Twelve years ago I started the 50 year club for members that had belonged to College Park Baptist Church now Church On The Drive for 50 years. On June 4, 2006 we had 45 members that received this honor some belonging many more than 50 years. This Sunday June 3, 2018 we added 3 more to our 50 year club making a total membership over the last 12 years to 103. Each member receives a pin designed for this honor.  Many people don’t get to serve in a church for this many years with job changes, families relocate everyday life happens and God leads them to following where he wants them to be.  We are blessed to have so many that have served here within these walls of this great church. I look forward to adding more to this club. We have a rich heritage here at Church on the Drive and it doesn’t matter if you have been here 50 years or 2. We all look forward to fellowship with one another and to open our hearts and doors to anyone who would like to join us.

Debbie Hairel

Minister to Senior Adults

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Several years ago, Church on the Drive started having Community Groups that took the place of Sunday School as we use to know it. Mostly we did this because not all Bible Study was done on Sunday mornings, nor were they always at on the church campus. We wanted these communities to go deeper in establishing friendships beyond just the casual relationship you have time to build in an hour. Some of our Community Groups still meet at the church at 9:00 AM on Sunday, some meet at members homes at different times during the week and some meet at restaurants. There is one that I attend and would like to tell you about in depth.

There are 3 families that meet at a restaurant called El Potro’s at Lee Road and 17-92 in Winter Park. We’ve been meeting there for dinner every Friday night for about 19 years or so. This group has become our Community Group, it consist of Myself and Bud, David and Dianne Peterson and Chris and Judy Dunn. Almost every Friday our daughter Cori and her boyfriend Robert join us, Erica Peterson and her boyfriend Joe comes about once a month and Jessica Dunn comes when she’s visiting her folks from CO. Several others have joined us at one time or another for fellowship and just getting to know each other better.

We talk about a variety of things, families, church, God, relationships, happenings at our jobs, raising children, aging parents, sickness, family members dying or moving away, nothing is off the table (except maybe politics). We have deeper friendships because we have put in extra time getting to know each other and we have a common bond because we all attend the same church. God has blessed us with many times over during these years of meeting.

Our group is not exclusive anyone can join us any Friday night and you would be welcomed with open arms. So if you have a free Friday night and you want to stop by and see whats going on please don’t hesitate you may just find that you like our group and will join us more often.

See you Friday!

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