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Andy Stanley just released a book, Irresistible:  Reclaiming the New Jesus Unleashed for the World.  I’m half way through the book, but I think the book is worth the read by anyone wanting to better understand the Christian faith.  Stanley’s contention, in a nutshell, is that the New Covenant is not the Old Covenant, and it’s a mistake to mix the two.  While I don’t agree with Stanley on every point and have some real issues with his attention-getting phrase that Christians need to “unhitch from the Old Testament,” nonetheless, I believe Stanley deserves a wide hearing.

As to the phrase “unhitch from the Old Testament,” what I believe  Stanley means is to leave the old covenant behind.  Not a new thought.  You only have to read Paul’s letter to the Galatians to find the biblical support for this position.  Paul was no fan of  “Christians” who wished to reintroduce the law as a part of the gospel.  In fact, Paul used, to say the least, very stark language rebuking those who would reintroduce circumcision as necessary for Gentile converts.  Stanley, in my opinion, might have been better served by saying “unhitch from the Law”. 

I am not going to seek to summarize Stanley’s book. Instead I’m going to provide you with links to a two part interview done in Outreach Magazine.  You’ll get the gist and be able to determine if the book is worth your time.

Reclaiming an Irresistible Gospel – Part One 

Nothing Less Than Jesus – Part Two

Again, a book that I recommend as worth the read. But you decide. 



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What's Next?

On Monday, a new phase of life began in my house. My oldest started middle school, and even more unimaginable, my youngest started Kindergarten. Because I’m a stay at home parent, people have asked me, “What are you going to do now?”

My typical response is: “First, I’m taking a nap. Then, I’m cleaning my oven.” Because neither of those two things have happened in my house for ELEVEN years.

But then Tuesdayrolled around. Nap. Check! Clean oven. Sort of. And I began to wonder—what am I going to do? As I’m letting go of the exhaustion, frustration, and delight of the preschool years and moving into a phase of wondering, I’m faced with a truth we’ve all experienced: processing life’s changes can be tough.

 And as I’m sure you know well, when life hits, it helps to be in a supportive community.

In my case, I’ve found a group of fellow moms here at Church on the Drive who have been through this phase, and a lot of other phases, too. The group is Mom to Mom, a mentoring program in which experienced mothers are paired up with younger mothers, to help us walk through the parenting journey with love, encouragement, and guidance.

Now what about my kids? They’re also processing life’s changes. So even though our schedule is full of so many activities, I know I need to make time for them to be in a supportive community, too. But what kind of community?

For my children, after happiness, stability, and being the smartest child in the universe, above all, I want them to be kind and have a heart of service. And I don’t think I’m the only parent out there trying to teach these principles to my kids. During this period of back to school, I often see the following quote circulated on social media. Lake Silver Elementary even painted this quote as a mural on the entryway wall this year: 

Some kids are smarter than you.

Some kids have cooler clothes than you.

Some kids are better at sports than you.

It doesn't matter.

You have your thing, too.

Be the kid who can get along.

Be the kid who is generous.

Be the kid who is happy for other people.

Be the kid who does the right thing.

Be the nice kid.

 This quote is the inspiration for our fall program Kids of Kindness. At Church on the Drive, we believe that one way to show others the love and grace of Jesus is by being the nice kid, the kid who gets along and is generous, happy, and

kind. That's our focus every Sundayevening this fall, with a a series of music and mission projects designed to show kids the benefits of service, for themselves and others.

So, as this season of Back to School causes some change in your household, I encourage you, come Back to Church too.

Amy Meredith Byrd

Interim Children’s Director at Church on the Drive

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