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Father’s Day

I’m going to level with you: sometimes I forget that I’m a dad.

Not like, I forget I have a kid or anything. I just forget, or maybe block out, the fact that I’m a DAD. You know, like the fact that I am at a stage in life marked by a certain body type and bad fashion choices. I mean, where did they time go? It was just yesterday I was playing in bands and eating fried food for every meal.

Being a dad is fun, though. It’s amazing all the little things your kid(s) do that you find hilarious or fascinating. The other day my daughter just looked at me in a certain way that sent me laughing hysterically for five minutes. The reason? She had never looked at me that way.

Welcome to Dadville. Population me.

The perks of being dad are that you get to have fun and be their protector AND finish up the food on their plate if you want to. (No judgment zone here, right?) But the major con is this: I honestly don’t know what I would do if something serious happened to my little girl.

I’m ashamed to admit that I almost forgot the Pulse shooting anniversary this year. (It’s June 12th) Thankfully, social media wouldn’t let me forget. For those of us who live in Orlando, you can’t really explain what that tragedy has done to transform the city. You can really explain what it meant to watch the news coverage telling you that people, many who lived in our neighborhoods or went to the high school down the street, were shot and killed in cold blood. It’s hard to put into words the incredible sadness that loomed over the city in the aftermath of the shooting. It’s hard to pinpoint when that sadness began to lift.

And I suppose that for many in Orlando that sadness still hasn’t lifted and may not ever lift. The people who were shot at Pulse had parents, too, and I can tell you with certainty that if I were one of those parents, not a day would go by that I didn’t miss my kid. Not a day would go by that I wouldn’t wish I could talk with them or hug them tight.

As we approach Father’s Day this weekend, I want to challenge you to remember those parents in your prayers. I mean EARNESTLY pray for them. They need it. Pray that the Father, who knows what it means to watch a Son die, would comfort them beyond what we can even imagine. Pray that God would draw people around them to continue ministering to them.

And while you’re at it, maybe go ahead and pray for the other family members and friends that lost people in the Pulse shooting. And pray for our city, that we can continue to heal together. And pray for our church that we can continue to be a light in Orlando and in the world. And pray for yourself; that you might do what it takes to be the presence of Jesus everywhere and with everyone you find yourself with.

Honestly, I think that’s one of the best ways you can honor your Heavenly Father this weekend. Pray for God’s children. Do something to serve them and be there for them.

And then go and love on your family, including your dad!

Happy Father’s Day,


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Do You!

I recently visited a service where the Pastor preached “Your job isn’t your purpose.”  Well, of course I had to disagree to some point. What are you uniquely designed for? What is your passion?  As a professor once asked me, “What would you do daily with joy and satisfaction, even if you didn’t get paid for it?”  Do you.

Hmmm…As the thought about the pastor’s sermon resinated in my mind, I realized that I might be different from most.  IMy jobs just happen to be my purpose. “Do You.” Mother said at the age of 3 I would sit on our front porch steps and “play them.” When she asked me what I was doing, I told her that I was playing the piano and directing the choir.  A few years before she died, she gave me a picture that I had drawn for her. To my surprise, she had kept it tucked away in a safe place for over 30 plus years. When I opened the drawing, I discovered it was me singing in a long gown with a microphone in my hand.  The story behind that was I was going to be a famous singer one day. Well…I wouldn’t call myself a famous singer, but I will say that singing is a part of my daily regimine. I guess I could say that I am “Doing me.” 

I teach a zumba class locally and right before the class started, in walked this beautiful well built woman.  It was obvious that she lifted weights and took very great care in her physical appearance. I introduced myself and so did she.  She said “I am here to take your class.” I was like-yay!! It will be fun. Then she said,”I teach the class here on Wednesday nights.  I teach the body sculpt class.” Hence the beautifully sculpted biceps. My outside face said-Yay, but my inside face dropped to the floor.  How in the world could I teach zumba to this obviously very healthy body sculpt teacher who I later found out was also a personal trainer. It took me about 1.5 minutes to talk myself out of being intimidated by her very presence.  In talking to myself, I realized something. I was here to do my job-teach Zumba and she was here to take my class-end of story. Before this minute and a half, I found myself comparing myself to her!! What if this and what if that??!!  But then I was reminded-I am in competition with no one. “Do you” I told myself and I did just that. I taught my class just as I would any other time. At the end of class, she said she loved it! Wanted to take selfies and post about how much fun she’d had.  Then once the room was empty she said to me “I’d really had a day and I just needed to come and work it off with your class and it did me good. Thanks!”

Do you.  What does that term mean? I hear a lot of people say, “hey, do you girl!”  Or wow that’s awesome, do you!” Growing up, It took me a long time to come to love myself and understand that they way I was made and the gifts and talents that I possessed were no mistake.  

That me being on this Earth was  no mistake. God took his time to craft me-and that being done uniquely.  I can remember Mother would always say “You can do whatever you want to. You just need to make a plan and do your best to stick to it.  If that first plan doesn’t work, then go to the next one-but quitting is not an option.” Mother stressed not just doing something, but “doing YOU!”  Find something that makes you feel full. Find something that gives you joy. How awesome would it be if your profession was also your purpose?? Life is too short to waste it.  DO YOU!!

Marlo Wright

Director of Music

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