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Andy Stanley just released a book, Irresistible:  Reclaiming the New Jesus Unleashed for the World.  I’m half way through the book, but I think the book is worth the read by anyone wanting to better understand the Christian faith.  Stanley’s contention, in a nutshell, is that the New Covenant is not the Old Covenant, and it’s a mistake to mix the two.  While I don’t agree with Stanley on every point and have some real issues with his attention-getting phrase that Christians need to “unhitch from the Old Testament,” nonetheless, I believe Stanley deserves a wide hearing.

As to the phrase “unhitch from the Old Testament,” what I believe  Stanley means is to leave the old covenant behind.  Not a new thought.  You only have to read Paul’s letter to the Galatians to find the biblical support for this position.  Paul was no fan of  “Christians” who wished to reintroduce the law as a part of the gospel.  In fact, Paul used, to say the least, very stark language rebuking those who would reintroduce circumcision as necessary for Gentile converts.  Stanley, in my opinion, might have been better served by saying “unhitch from the Law”. 

I am not going to seek to summarize Stanley’s book. Instead I’m going to provide you with links to a two part interview done in Outreach Magazine.  You’ll get the gist and be able to determine if the book is worth your time.

Reclaiming an Irresistible Gospel – Part One 

Nothing Less Than Jesus – Part Two

Again, a book that I recommend as worth the read. But you decide. 



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