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The Same Power

On July 4, I decided to stay at home and bask in the glory of all of our neighborhood fireworks. After I’d had my fill, I decided to turn in a little early. About 11:30pm, I woke up sweating. I grabbed my phone as I usually do, to check the thermostat. To my surprise, it wouldn’t connect. Great-I thought. Now I have to get up and walk all the way into the kitchen to turn it down. Well to my surprise when I got to the thermostat, it was completely dead! No lights, no numbers, no nothing. My first inclination was to go and check the breaker box and trip the AC breaker, which I did. I returned back inside to find no change.

I then decided to check the other outlets in the kitchen to see if they had power. So as I did this and reset the GFCI switches, I began see some light flicker and hear other electrical noises in the house. I thought to myself, I’m finally getting somewhere. Went back to the breaker box to work my magic.

I can came back in to fidget with the thermostat and still nothing. Over an hour had passed and I was sleepy and now hot. The strange thing to me was that some of the outlets worked and others didn’t. Because the fan in my room still worked, I decided to call it quits at 1am and just call someone the next day.

Long story short, turns out that after the electrician came out, I had to call the power company. The power company finally made it out to explain to me that I was only getting partial power to my house. Therefore, anything that used 220 watts wouldn’t work, hence my AC, stove and any other large watt appliance.

Arrrggghhh-It’s 100 degrees outside and 82 inside-So I had either had to suffer through the hot in my house, or leave and go somewhere cooler until they dug a 3 foot hole in my yard to discover the problem, one wire wasn’t quite connected because it had be covered with dirt in construction. He began to explain to me that this wasn’t the first time they’d been in the neighborhood for the same issue-they keep reminding the builder, but they kept covering the power lines with dirt.

It got me to thinking…power is an important thing. You see, my house had some power, but the necessary things like AC and stove wouldn’t work because I only had half the power. Somewhere my connection was covered with dirt. Even though my neighborhood is fairly new, some of the new stuff still got covered with dirt-and the dirt wasn’t supposed to be there. The bible declares that we have the same power in us that raised Jesus from the dead. It’s also the same power that brought the children out of Egypt and that parted the Red Sea. That’s some SERIOUS power!!!

If that same power lives within us, why do we at times walk around defeated and in disarray? I feel it’s because we don’t have a full connection. Sometimes, our power lines (prayer, church, bible reading, fasting, positive people in our presence) might be covered with dirt, too much Netflix or TV, not enough bible reading or church going and let’s not forget the importance of prayer!

Take a moment today to shake the dirt off so that you can access the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and live your best purpose-filled life!

Edith Marlo Wright
Director of Music

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