WHAT:Mission trip. We will be heading to the village of Pacaya in Guatemala. This mountain village rests on a hill in the shadow of the Pacaya Volcano (about two miles away). You may be thinking about mud huts and people wearing grass skirts…think again. These are people who know of and are involved with the modern world, but who are simply very poor. Many people in this area live off six dollars per week!

Our goal is to go to Pacaya and aid in what Clubhouse Guatemala is already doing there. They have built relationships that we want to help maintain. The way we do this is by doing things like building houses, building chicken coops, putting on a VBS, delivering food packages, and playing with kids in the village.

WHERE: Orlando to Miami to Guatemala City to Pacaya. We will also visit Antigua for some local souvenir shopping.

WHEN: October 13-20 Cost: $1350 (covers all travel and food, except for meals while traveling)

July 31 - Deposit Due ($150, non-refundable after August 21)
September 4 - Second Payment Due ($600, non refundable after October 2)
October 2 - Final Payment Due ($600, non refundable) October 13-20 – Guatemala Trip

1. Passport – You will need this. Get started now so it doesn’t sneak up on you. Click here for US Passport info.
2. Begin saving money now!
3. Start working on your Spanish. The more Spanish you know, the better!